Last Song


And when our lives come to an end
What will our thoughts be then?
What will we think, what will we feel
Would we want our lives again?

Will we be at peace, or be at rest?
Or never want to go
To say goodbye to earthly life
And all that we do know


21 thoughts on “Last Song

  1. To live a life is to live a story. A Journey with no destination set in mind, but the footsteps you take along the way. Perhaps we drift into a dreamworld and live as higher life-forms. Perhaps we simply return to the source whence we all came. Keep your memories safe.

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  2. What a fantastic poem V! The image that goes with is captures effectively your point and I had a lump in my throat when I read this piece. I read it thrice by the way. Hopefully, the end is quite a some time later in my life but to imagine what it must be like closer to the end….that is a fearful thought. I don’t know how exactly I might feel just minutes before it all happens.
    Your post also reminds me of the song ‘Remember When’by Alan Jackson which talks about an entire journey and I absolutely love it for its simple yet beautiful lyrics…Have you heard it before? If you haven’t, you must. It is a bit cheesy but maybe you will like it.

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    1. Hi Aishwarya, I am so glad for your comment! Xx I am in a pensive mood and thought there must be an archived poem that reflects my mood, well this was posted nearly two years ago exactly, and when I read it I thought, that’s exactly the poem I was looking for x I haven’t heard that song before but I’m sure I will love it, will listen to it now! Thank you for re-reading my poem, it means so much to me 🌷🌸🌷

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