Six Weeks

Six weeks on happy pills, and this is what I can say. I am laughing more. Like actually laughing. Today I said something to a colleague, and I used the wrong word, and it was really funny. I laughed! And I’m smiling more. It seems easier to smile. It seems easier to be upbeat. To have a cheerful disposition. 

I have contacted a life coach, and meeting her on Monday. Small, positive steps to lead the life I want to lead. A life of fulfillment and happiness and joy and positivity. All things good!

The Light


When all around is dark
And all you know is night
Feel the hope within
And move towards the light

When sadness overwhelms
And you have lost your sight
A few gentle steps
Moving towards the light

When wounds begin to heal
We sense that near delight
Stirs our waking heart
Embracing inner light

When happiness is found
And all is calm and bright
Ever keep on reaching
Onwards towards the light

My very first poem – 13 October 2013

Darkness Descending

A shadow without light
Would ne’er a shadow be named
But rather darkness descending
On never ending night

Like moonlight shadows
And shadows with light
A soul’s sore pain echoes
Sweet victory’s delight

One side of a coin
Is one half of a whole
The yin and the yang –
Whole is more than its parts

Words Create Worlds

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Recently Acquired.”

Words create worlds
And so I’ve learnt
What we think
Becomes our reality
Stronger and stronger
I can feel myself grow
From hiding, low self esteem
Darkness, depression
To growth and strength
And love and light
What we share can touch
The hearts of others
What I’ve learnt about blogging
Is the power of words

Discarded Me

A Poem I decided not to publish

Crazy lady
Sometimes I am an introvert
Want to be left alone
And sometimes I don’t

Sometimes I am so sad
Not finding any relief from
The sheer darkness within
Other times my heart is happy
And my soul is glad

Always feeling, passionating
Not resonating
With the normal others
That would encompass me
Handle me with care

Wrapped in my own world
My own thoughts
Magical mysteries inside of me
Enjoying my own company
And the world created so exquisitely

I’m a writer
I’m a dreamer
I’m a coder
I’m a walker
I’m a talker

I can lead, I can follow
I can laugh, I can cry
Very easily
I can love, I can live
I am aware, I breathe

A world of contrasts
Wrapped into one
This is me, I am Vonita
Moving towards the light
Passioning through Poetry


Perfect Day

I’ve spent a few years
Looking outside of me

For some company
To fill an internal need

Not that easy always
For friends to conjure up

So I picked up a pen
That is – my hands and began to type

And what I’ve found
Is that I’ve started to heal

I am no longer looking
To fill a void to
Band-aid me

So now my perfect day
Would be to visit myself

To spend some time
Learning to paint a little

I’ve booked on a course
To learn concepts of design

So I can write
And when I’m done I can

Turn my writing
Into books that can keep others

And to drink, some sparkling water
With ice and lemon and bubbles


No sparkling water but this will work!


Best Ironic Life Moment

All the hurt
All the pain
Cutting so deep
Into my heart
Into my life
Have all found their way
Out of my mind
Out of my head
How ironic to find

In the depths of soul pain
No further ache
But balm for my wound
A gift so free
Given to me
Where I can express
Myself so easily
And it helps me now
Every day