Last week we went away for a few days. I was sitting on a bench along the beachfront, and while I was sitting there, a group of people passed by. They kept looking back at me, until eventually one lady broke away and came back to me. She recognized me from South Africa. She is a minister in our church (same church in South Africa that I attend in Sydney). I knew that she would be in Australia but hadn’t made any plans to catch up. She happened to be in that area for one night, and then would be in Sydney for a few days. It was one of those coincidences that sometimes feels more than a coincidence. I invited her to our home, and she was able to make the time last night to see us. It was wonderful! An unexpected and uplifting visit that felt as if God had organized it himself. Sometimes when special things like that happen, it makes me feel as though I am not forgotten, but that there is a living God we serve, one who knows our need. Xx


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Kick the Bucket.”

I never want to have my heart broken
I never want to feel the pain of losing a child
I never want to lose friendships with those
I have connected with
I never want to feel the turmoil of
Losing a job without another in place
I never want to grow old but know I must
I never want to have dark days like I’ve had before, and fear may resurface again
I never want you to turn your face from me
I never want to lose my faith, my hope, my trust
But if I lose any of these things
Lift me up and carry me
Because I never want to lose the heart of me

I Wish

I wish
When we make friends we could keep them forever
I wish
When feeling sad, it could be waved away like feathers
I wish
When nighttime arrives, my dream will be one to treasure
I wish
When my fingers start to burn, there will be verses to write
I wish
When I feel pain, there will be those who would take the time
I wish
When I have something to share, there will be those who care
I wish
When I kneel to pray, my prayers reach where they need to go
I pray
For happiness and love, and all things good
I wish

Writing a Better Me

Southern Hemisphere Lovin’ Gal
Springtime celebrated every year
This September brought a fresh Summertime Dose
Of turmoil, agony and despair

Not knowing what to do, and where to go
How to get rid of this darkness within
I looked to the sun, and saw brightness and light
I looked within, and felt courage and life

So many words flowing forth from my heart
I started to write, I started to type
And every day ever since
I have written, I have typed

Words arising, healing, flowing
Understanding a little more of my soul within
Therapeuting, growing, empathising
Passionating my way to be a better me –

In the depths of despair I held out my arms
And was gently lifted from the dark well surrounds
To a higher, brighter, sun-drenched place
Of life, and light, and safety

flower in sun

Find a Better Me here: If Tomorrow comes

Photography from the collection of Ali McGill Photography


Last Words

I am at peace with the world
I am at peace with me
I am at peace

Thank you for my beating heart
Thank you for my life
Thank you

If this my last night shall be
Let me live it

Spare one last night to breathe in
All the pure goodness
Surrounding me

I have lived, I have loved
I have fought
I am

Grant one last wish of mine I plead
That my written words should be
My testimony

And if I should not make it through the night
Know that I am at peace, I am at rest
There are no words left in me



Inspired by the music and lyrics of OAPlascencia – Thank You (For The Love)

Photography from the collection of Ali McGill Photography


Discarded Me

A Poem I decided not to publish

Crazy lady
Sometimes I am an introvert
Want to be left alone
And sometimes I don’t

Sometimes I am so sad
Not finding any relief from
The sheer darkness within
Other times my heart is happy
And my soul is glad

Always feeling, passionating
Not resonating
With the normal others
That would encompass me
Handle me with care

Wrapped in my own world
My own thoughts
Magical mysteries inside of me
Enjoying my own company
And the world created so exquisitely

I’m a writer
I’m a dreamer
I’m a coder
I’m a walker
I’m a talker

I can lead, I can follow
I can laugh, I can cry
Very easily
I can love, I can live
I am aware, I breathe

A world of contrasts
Wrapped into one
This is me, I am Vonita
Moving towards the light
Passioning through Poetry



Look to the Future

Relax, my child
I know you are having breakdowns
Nerve issues, and anxiety too

But all will be well
Son and daughter will be blessed
Countries will be exchanged

Smart phones will be invented
You will find out soon
What they might be

You will learn to write
Practice some Pilates
Get that body into shape!

New friends will arrive
New people, new lives
New stories to be shared

There will be sad times
There will be happy times
There will be farewells

Sorrow and joy interweaving
Working together for good

You will never be without
Every day you are alive
There will be blessing surrounds

And to help you out
There will be coffee
And to spare

And at night, there will be tea
In mugs reminding you of home
Lovingly painted in Africa by hand

(Zimbabwe actually to be exact
Long story, don’t ask)



New Day (ten minutes unedited)

A new day has dawned
The morning sun filtering
Delicately into the room
Bringing its version of light
Beckoning me

To awake and to arise
To emerge myself in the day
That would lie ahead
I hear the chirping of birds
Cars driving by

Melodies of creation far and near
Different sounds of nature’s songs
Filling my heart with
A joyful gladness of being alive
On this new day

A precious gift to humankind
And to creation that would us surround
To have a world that we may enjoy
Graciously thought out in its being
Wondrous marvel

My life could be taken today
What would be my parting words
What would I like my testimony to be?
That I was alive and I lived and felt
Gave thanks and loved