Souls for Company

So caught up in myself, and the stories my mind makes up for me. I am always entertained by the fantasy world in which I live. A few days ago I stopped and spoke to someone. Someone I have been resenting for a good few years. Someone in my space. But I was invited into a conversation with this person. And I stopped to listen. To hear the other side. Not my thoughts and beliefs and resentments. And I was surprised. There are good intentions. There are good points. It is not all about me. Others have their own stories too. And we have all been created. Souls for company.

Not the Queen of this castle

Life Since You

My very first home, also my married home was purchased jointly with the Mad Man. My contribution to everything from furniture to groceries was exactly down the middle, 50%, even though at that time I only earned half of what he did. He insisted I pay my way and as a naïve 25 years old I agreed. At the end of the marriage nightmare I would be R50 000 in overdraft which with some determination and sacrifices I would eventually pay back. As I started my journey down Debt Alley it would eventually dawn on me that access to my house items was certainly not 50%. I would be instructed to sleep on the sleeper couch in the spare bedroom because he had the flu and needed his rest. The same instruction would be given to me when I had the flu until eventually the sleeper couch became my “bed”…

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Movie Review: Birdman

The Ramsey Isler Blog

I finally somehow created the time to see Birdman at an odd time on a weekday. I can see why it’s getting so much recent award love. The first hour gave me a revealing and intimate perspective on the craft of acting that I haven’t seen before. The second hour focuses on flawed people trying to deal with reality; an ironic tale of what’s it like to try to have a real life when you’re a professional pretender. I can see why some critics wouldn’t be great fans of it, but I can also see why people in “the biz” love it. To really understand why the movie is suddenly gaining Oscar momentum for the coveted Best Picture award, you have to understand the interesting, insular town where all this voting is done.

I recently moved from the west side of LA to Hollywood, just a couple blocks away from the…

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Paper Planes, the movie

I watched this today with my children, and it was really great, nice view of Sydney too 🙂

Barbara Pyett

Folding future: Ed Oxenbould as Dylan, an 11 yo. who discovers he has a knack with folding stuff in Paper Planes. Folding future: Ed Oxenbould as Dylan, an 11 yo. who discovers he has a knack with folding stuff in Paper Planes.

Having grandchildren staying gave me the opportunity to see this new Australian movie, written, directed and produced by Robert Connolly.

This movie captures the imagination of children with its eleven-year-old Dylan, Ed Oxenbould, as the hero, succeeding against all the odds to participate in the Paper Plane World Championship. Dylan’s unassuming character shows his quiet strength coping with the enormous difficulties he’s facing.

The unique Western Australian landscape with its the country school, gives a feeling of stepping back in time. Every emotion is tweaked.

I didn’t have high expectations, and yet the film was totally absorbing and left me feeling uplifted. Even if you don’t have children, it’s a delightful film to see.

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