Past, Present, Future

Just as h20 changes form
From water, ice, steam and snow
My life has changed its form
From daughter, wife to mother
From student, employee to writer
My future is ever changing
Ever waiting for those words
Inside my head, inside my mind
To be released, and for those
Colors and endless tales
To no longer silent remain
But to be lovingly
Breathed into life

Thanking Y’all

Every day I read so many
Posts of others that do inspire
I wish, and then I wish some more
That I could write as others do

But as each fingerprint and face
Would reflect the owner’s space
Every blog and every poem –
All the writing and words

Reveal a light behind each form
So not always always knowing
Some author’s faces or names
Even the lands they are from

There is alway a light
Shining forth from the page
Casting a glow
Inspiring the world

And I am blessed
And I feel glad
For what we can give
And what we can share

Giving, receiving
Writing together
Standing together
Thanking y’all!


Taking the opportunity to enjoy a few
Of the writings of mine, a talent I have
Been enjoying for only a few months at most
Not even a year, each word, each thought has been
A comfort to heal, and with a touch of humility
I would like to say thank you to all those who have
Supported, for every like, for every follow, for
Every kind word encouraging, helping me to find
My feet, in a world so dark, drowning, not knowing
Where to escape, how to flee, and my writing has been
Helping me to breathe once more


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10. Purple’s Sister
9. Purple Snow (More Purple)
8. Nature’s Purple (Even More!)
7. Painted Butterfly
6. Comfort Food
5. My Grandfather
4. Magical World
3. Mirror Image
2. Sexy Poetry

And My Favorite!

Just Like Honey!

Before I go:
Favorite Youtube included in School Song

And Finally!

Special thanks to others below
That stayed with me
Long after I walked away
To get on with my day

Because Passion

Because Dreaming

Because Thanking

Because Freedom

Take a Bow!


Kissing Home Goodbye

My grandfather, before I was born
As a teenager went off to war
He left his life in South Africa
Kissed his home and parents farewell

Captured, became a prisoner of war
Worked in fields under fear of death
(Would never deny another a morsel of bread
Because he knew what hunger would mean)

In time, an end was declared
Waiting game had to be endured
To be transported across the seas
Back home to family and peace

He met my grandmother
In Scotland while he had time
Back home they began to write
Until he requested her delicate hand

Her parents agreed
Back on a ship he returned
They wed in Scotland, and he took her away
He twenty-seven and she nineteen

My mother was born
In the Cape of Africa with a view
Of Table Mountain standing tall
A formidable witness for all

My father lived in another place
And as with my mother’s mother before
Her parents acquiesced with his request
For her to be wed, and to be taken away

I was born in Johannesburg
Which is another story to tell
I grew up in Africa
Was blessed by the land

Like my grandmother did so many years ago
And then my mother followed suit
I kissed my homeland and family goodbye
And started a life somewhere new

Cape Town images courtesy Ali McGill Photography

Magical World

Every morning as it arrives
I hear the distant, early sounds
Of birds and traffic, and many things
Gently welcoming me awake

Until I hear not far from me
The sound of not one voice, but two
Familiar voices they seem to be
Little girl, and I hear a boy’s one too

I wish I could wax lyrical
On how pleasing these voices are to me
But left alone, awake and free
These voices are not in harmony

Brother and sister in daily strife
For when one is ten, and one is eight
There are many things that must be shared
Not so easy as it may seem

So in my daily awakening, I get to hear
The secret dialogue between
My baby girl and first born prince
Conflicts, fighting, pleading, sharing

I lie awake and let them be
In the shadows overhear –
The magical world one would live in
When one is eight, and one is ten

BreathingLife Final

Comfort Food

At times when I am in a rush
I find myself in a bakery
Just around the corner
From where my home would be

I grab a coffee to help me out
And if luck be on my side
Behind glass counter gloriously
There’s a pie to feed the family

Well, I am ashamed I must admit
For any pie – when I was but a child –
Would have been prepared so lovingly
By grandma who rolled the dough with care

The scent of pie
Would fill the air
We would wait quite anxiously
For mere taste of pie smelling savory

Times have changed
And time’s decreased
So to take me back
To my inner youth

There is nothing like
A pie from the bakery
With mashed potato on the top
Baked in oven until golden brown

So nowadays
When I am short of time
The scent of pie from the bakery
Fills my kitchen, and comforts me!

*image to follow
when next I am in
the bakery*

Shepherds Pie

Shepherds Pie

Best Ironic Life Moment

All the hurt
All the pain
Cutting so deep
Into my heart
Into my life
Have all found their way
Out of my mind
Out of my head
How ironic to find

In the depths of soul pain
No further ache
But balm for my wound
A gift so free
Given to me
Where I can express
Myself so easily
And it helps me now
Every day