The Daily Prompt Alternative – First Job

What impact did your first job have on you?
I started my first job on the 2 January 1996. I was placed in a business team, which was not the correct team for my skills. I had completed a technical degree, and would have been better placed in a technical position. My mother passed away suddenly in the April of that year. I decided to leave at the end of July, and joined a small software team as a developer coding in C.

What made the best job you’ve ever had better than the others?

Having a four-day job is wonderful. Apart from that, the team I joined after leaving IBM was really great. Good friends and work. It wasn’t to last though, the division was closed a year and a half later and we were all made redundant.

Did you have a job fall short of your expectations (or, how did you fall short of your employer’s expectations?)
Between March 2000 and September 2000 I joined a startup with colleagues from the company mentioned above. It was a disaster. Very stressful and working around the clock. I eventually left and went back to my job I left before joining the startup. Thank you to my manager who offered my role back to me. As an aside, I currently work for the same company now except in different countries. My husband (whom I hadn’t met as yet) had replaced me in the six months I was away, and I met him on my return 🙂

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Daily Prompt Alternative

Daily Prompt Alternative – Picture Prompt #1


Remember Me

I see you from the corner of my eye
Watching your every move
I stay out of view and allow you
To continue with your day’s work
One day we might be together
But until then I will hold my peace
And wait for you to come for me
Remember me in time and I will
Remember you

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