More of the Same

The sky is the same shade of blue

The grass is the green it’s always been

The highs have made way for the low

At times I’ve had nowhere else to go

So I retreated inside

And allowed myself to grow

My wings strengthened

Increasing my resolve

And now when I lurch

Into a future unknown

I know the winds will carry me

I will not fail or fall

My skies are fetching me

I lift my arms

To go alone.


A Breath of Air

I saw the morning sun reflected in the waves that rolled towards me.

I felt the strength of the rays as they landed on my delicate skin.

The salt exfoliated my toes and feet and legs and thighs.

I surrendered to the water’s might as it overtook my height.

I submerged and allowed the wave to wash over me.

Helpless I was at the mercy of a power greater than I.

I let go and when i resurfaced and could take another breathe,

I breathed and knew in that moment

That is all I need to do.


‘Neither will win’, the audience says

Now that the contest starts 

For black men move without their heads

And white without their hearts.

‘And if one shall advance’, they said,

‘So much as one short pace,

His fellowmen shall shun him then

A traitor to the race’.

‘You wooden men give up the game,

For what are all these squares 

But black and white and black again,

The pattern of your cares?’.

The chessmen quickened into life,

For love has conquered pride,

Those that were angry face to face

Are quiet side by side.


I hid in a box 

Locked myself tightly within in 

I provided no view 

But only the darkness inside it 

 I lived in the dark, I struggled to see

I looked for myself, I couldn’t find me 

And then as I gave up 

To surrender and die 

I felt a strange object 

A smooth, solid gold

I pondered, and wondered 

What is this to me?

There is a purpose 

I know this to be 

My dreams came alive 

In the blackness of night 

Coldness of  air have no reason 

To fright 

I knew right away 

I knew what this was 

I had found it 

My treasure

I had finally found me 

I had found what I needed 

I found my own key