Vonita is okay but she needs a lot of support. Yes because vonita’s brain doesn’t work as it should, and anything that can do wrong will go wrong. A deep thinker is required and vonita is not a deep thinker at all.

So I have to ask questions and lean on others for support, and even though I have tenacity there are limits to how far it can carry me. I make mistakes and often and yes I am soft however I have survived till now and I’m used to failing and getting back up again, and what is life trying to teach me?

I have no idea.


I tried to write poetry –

A word or rhyme or

Rhythm or song

Though all was black and no words would play

Hidden in rafters and kept at bay

So I teased them, I cajoled, I pled

Please words, don’t leave me, I need you

I do

I need your comfort, your warmth, your truth

Eventually they heard they had no choice

But to tiptoe out and make themselves heard

Words you are my lover my friend my foe!

Wherever I am you follow, you go

Take my hand I offer it true

Words you are mine, all mine

You are!