Lady in Red (aka Call me Dorothy)


A Breath of Air

I saw the morning sun reflected in the waves that rolled towards me.

I felt the strength of the rays as they landed on my delicate skin.

The salt exfoliated my toes and feet and legs and thighs.

I surrendered to the water’s might as it overtook my height.

I submerged and allowed the wave to wash over me.

Helpless I was at the mercy of a power greater than I.

I let go and when i resurfaced and could take another breathe,

I breathed and knew in that moment

That is all I need to do.

Grains of Sand

How do you stop time?

If only I knew

To capture each moment

And never let go

I would stand in the sea

With my toes in the sand

I would watch the birds fly

As they roam the blue skies

I would feel the cool air

As the sun disappears

And watch the stars rise

With the moon and her light

I would capture each moment

And never let go

If time were not grains

Through our fingers and toes

Painting my Heart

I used to write poetry
A few lines a day
My mind always racing
With so much to say

I struggled with moods
They always seemed low
So I started a dosage
My doctor said so

My life changed for good
I could smile once again
But my words dried up
With the sun after rain

I discovered new worlds
A brush and some art
The painting began
I colored my heart