I was born in days

When candy was exchanged for

A coin grasped tightly in my hand.

Technology was years away

From being in every home in every land.

I was born in days where I could cycle

To friends and to the park.

I was born when eagles soared the sky

And we could stay outdoors after dark.

I grew up with parents still alive

And their parents

And their parents too.

I grew up with a sister to hold my


I grew up with a sun in the sky

And a moon after dark.

I’m all grown up now.

The same sun is beating down

And our moon –

Our moon still comforts as time delivers

A glowing silver crown.


I cannot get the shape to fit, what am I doing wrong?

I press and push to no avail, it will not yield my touch.

Ponder, question, wonder why, how to bend the form to will?

It is not the shapes, my child, that need to change

They are set in shape and stone.

Take what you have, the clay and sand – and work the world around

Thoughts and hearts, minds and cares, and see the change abound.

One small piece, one at a time, build on solid ground.

And then one day, you will see, you will find –

The shapes all fit and beauty has been