Which path? 
The one leading up.



Well, here I am outside our home in sunny Johannesburg. Wildly anticipating the birth of my first born, who now looks down at his mother, and has grown to be an empathetic, respectful, tall, handsome 13 year old 😍

Rainbow Shine


Visiting the majestic Yosemite National Park I took a series of snapshots one after the other. In only one of them taken within milliseconds of each other, was a glimpse of a rainbow. The shots taken immediately before and after had no rainbow at all. #littlemiracle



Painted Butterfly

A lone butterfly
Sharing splashes of color
Against pure, clean white

Our Butterfly is ready to fly, Spread your wings We kiss you goodbye!

Our Butterfly is
Ready to fly, spread your wings
We kiss you goodbye!

Step 3

Place our butterfly where we would like butterfly to be

Step 2

Clean the slate for our butterfly

As our butterfly appeared to be

As our butterfly appeared to be