I looked to others

I looked for love

I looked to fill

My thirsty soul

All others failed

They loved elsewhere

I was stranded

Without air

I stopped awhile

I saw the world

Flowers and blossoms

And did all I could

To cherish life

To be aware

Of moments passing –

Windswept hair

Here today

Gone tomorrow

The cycles continue

Joy and sorrow

Spring and then fall

Night and day

Live every moment

Feel the sun’s rays!

Words As Water


Feeling unsettled – oh, what does it mean?
Wandering aimlessly with soles in the sand.
How to handle the feelings within?
Desperately, anxiously, seeking rest for the soul.

Retreating inside and all I can feel
Is sadness and darkness and sorrow so real.
But the words start to flow and gently they heal
Cleansing, refreshing, the faster they go.

Words and rhyme and rhythm and song,
Humming so softly in whispers surreal.
The water is warm, and the flow is so strong—
Soothing and caring, always comforting still.

Final Bow

we do our best
we try to aim
to reach the skies
to play the game

to live a life
of love and stars
of peace and joy
and no more wars

but we are tied
to earth and soil
we breathe the air
of nature’s toil

it may not be
we might not reach
the dreams we dreamed
the tales we teach

our flesh weighs down
it cannot be
that we are freed
into liberty

so take a moment
and say a prayer
blow it softly
into the air

all will pass
and this we know
struggles will end –
a final bow.

something new

and so the wheel turned again

leaving one scene behind and

introducing another, the old

and the new, the past and the

present and the future, all

merging into one, evolving

and forming and changing,

never standing still, wisdom

of the ancients stand firm:

things change and things

falls apart and things come

together sometimes to 


something new


Well, this was a timely one word choice, because look what happened this very morning. I was on my way out, bright and early, and lo and behold, I was not going anywhere. Dang!

I turned to my thirteen year old. Can you change a tyre. He shrugged his shoulders, no?

Well, life lesson my boy! He can now change a tyre 😀