Empty Love

I will try
Try and forget
All the words
Said to hurt
Said to pain
Said to scar
I will try
Try and forget
Your eyes
Your arms
Your kiss
I will try
Try and forget
Times we shared
Times we spoke
Times together
When all it was
Was an emptiness
A meaningless –
An empty love




The fog draped itself around empty sidewalks, hanging tiredly like a faded curtain; the atmosphere was damp and uninviting. Suddenly the sun appeared, and the vision surrounding me cleared, my captive heart responded and realized it wasn’t captive anymore, and as quickly as fog disappears with the heat of the sun, my eyes snapped into focus, I could see clearly. And my heart was glad. For under all that fog

There lay beauty 

My Happy Day!

And so I’m feeling happy and upbeat. And that is a good (and unusual for me) thing. I was invited to consult to a company in Adelaide for 8 weeks, starting mid-April. Which means. Travel!! Yay, I may even be allowed out of level 4 of the building I work in, and go to Adelaide. And be a specialist in something. Well, normally, I am not feeling like a specialist in anything, so to be a specialist for a few weeks will make me very happy indeed.

Next week our company is having a trivia night. I took up the challenge. And booked a table. *We will submit a team*. By lunch time, all spots were filled. Normally I am feeling like a lone ranger at work. No developers in my team  left anymore, blah blah boring, but I organised a team. And not only that, I have ‘The Trivia Queen’ on our side. So bring on the trivia.

And then! For some reason, I got caught without an umbrella. Every day this year I have carried an umbrella, but for some reason not today. And it poured. And I soaked. I was drenched. A drowned rat. But it’s my happy day! Which means a random gentleman waited for me to cross the road and shared his umbrella with me. And escorted me to my car.

But before that. On my way to the eye-test, I passed ex-friend narc (the same old who is the reason for this blog in the first place). Shoulders back, chin up, yo, hold that swagger, girl. And I did. And I smiled. And I am good, thanks!



I Can See!

I was advised to have my eyes tested. Because it’s only been ten years since my last test (in Johannesburg before we left). And because over forty. And eye sight. And eye health. You get the idea.

I took the hint, and had my eyes tested. And I have perfect eyesight, yay! I can see near, far, up, down and side to side. All unaided. I can focus. I can read up close and personal. I can read very, very far away. Just about everywhere, except behind. 

Next test in two years 🙂

Paper Doll

I wanted to be friends with someone. So I played by the rules. I never criticized. I never made a scene. I held my tongue. I smiled when I should smile. I cried my tears alone. I never lashed out. I accepted ghosting. I accepted bad behavior. And over time, I morphed into a one-dimensional cardboard cut-out. 

A paper doll.

Image credit: https://cdn.pixabay.com