Broken Glass

The window smashed
Into tiny pieces of colored shards

Forming rainbows as the
Sun caught each jagged angle


Empty Love

I will try
Try and forget
All the words
Said to hurt
Said to pain
Said to scar
I will try
Try and forget
Your eyes
Your arms
Your kiss
I will try
Try and forget
Times we shared
Times we spoke
Times together
When all it was
Was an emptiness
A meaningless –
An empty love


The fog draped itself around empty sidewalks, hanging tiredly like a faded curtain; the atmosphere was damp and uninviting. Suddenly the sun appeared, and the vision surrounding me cleared, my captive heart responded and realized it wasn’t captive anymore, and as quickly as fog disappears with the heat of the sun, my eyes snapped into focus, I could see clearly. And my heart was glad. For under all that fog

There lay beauty