All the Time

I close my eyes and dream of you 

I dream of all that we’ve been through 

And I know I never will and never have

Loved anyone as much as my heart cries out

Every day every hour every minute 

For you


My Grandfather

When I was but a child
I would sit enraptured at the knee
Listening so very earnestly
To what my grandfather would say to me

So many stories he would share
Of life – how it was when he was young
I would hear tales about macaroni shells
And how they grow outside on trees

Stories about children growing up
Silly mistakes that they would make
And I knew to never take most things he said
Very seriously, because he might just be kidding me

For a sense of humour he did have
He could make me laugh when I was feeling sad
Lighten the air with only a smile or hug
And I do so miss him now very much

Not all his words were humorous jokes
For wise thoughts he would also share
Warning me that growing old
Is not for the faint-hearted, one must be strong

People fill our hearts with stories they tell
Infuse our vision with their lives and their love
And one day we find they have been taken from us
Leaving only memories as a faded note

That they lived and we loved them
For a short while they were alive as we are now –
Our own stories will touch younger hearts
As our hearts were touched when we were young


Blue is the Warmest Color

The most painful words anyone who truly loves their partner can hear is that their partner’s love has died. That their partner may have a deep and lasting affection for them, but the love is gone.

And that is exactly what I heard in the French movie ‘Blue is the Warmest Color’. 

Over the duration of three hours I was drawn into the world of Adele and Emma. I witnessed the sexual awakening of Adele, where she realizes her attraction to *all things girl*, and In particular to blue-haired gap-toothed charismatic artist Emma. The love that develops between these two lovelies (and they really are!) pulled me in, and provided a front row seat to the agony and pleasure of same-sex relationships. (Perhaps too front row what with an extended seven-minute erotic scene which for this convent girl was slightly too out there, but okay. That’s just me). Where everything is simple, but also is not. And that love between two people is simply love. Irrespective of gender, there is a connection of souls, a meeting of mind and spirit.

My heart strings were pulled when sensing the pulling away of Emma from Adele (stoopid Lisa 😡). And how Adele self-sabotages in order to protect herself. A painful confrontation ensues, with the rejection of Adele in the harshest manner. And why did she have to take all the blame? 

The script is a showing of vulnerability, of love, of spirit, of commitment, and of heartbreak. It is life. In all it’s raw beauty and cruelty.

Leaving me with a strong desire to jump into the ending scene and make everything better. To kiss all the pain away. To bandaid the heart and wave a magic wand. 

Yup , there you have it, another love story that is not (looking at you LaLa Land and The Way We Were). 

And so it ends quite sadly with an Adele-in-warm-comforting-blue walking into the distance and away from me – the lowly viewer, at a time when I felt the need for comfort too.


It took three years and then some 

To pull me down 


Make me less than 



My impression is that 


It was all about him.

It took one encounter 

To lift me up 


Believe in me 

And see my smile

My truth 

My worth.

My impression is that 


It is all about us.