I Will

I will 

I will be still

And know that Thou 

Art God 

I will be still 

And know that I am

Your child 

I will be still

And listen for your gentle

Quiet voice

I will be still

And wait for Thee 

To lead 

Open the way for me

Oh Lord 

I pray 



It is impossible not to feel encouraged and hopeful when surrounded by so much love. Yesterday, having a bad day and being tired at work, a colleague offered assistance via another colleague who saw that I was struggling with something, and my manager offered for me to go home early. And then So many kind, wonderful, caring, amazing friends here at WordPress, I can feel the love and care, and it is so much needed and appreciated. And it has definitely encouraged.

So to all my friends, near or far, thank you! You mean the world 💕🌸💕

To My Friends

(Including here at WordPress!) (and you Charly too)

I love

That we are supported

In all we need and do 

Through sleepless nights

And tortured days

Your love shines brightly through 

I love

That we are never alone 

Though good times and in bad 

When hope seems lost 

And in the rain 

Your comments make me glad! ❤