Hands On Ground


Sometimes it can feel that everyone is in on a game except for you. Perhaps you feel that you are the weakest link. That you have played as a team but never scored a single goal. That you have spent more of your time stumbling than actually playing.

Perhaps you have not even stumbled but rather fallen. On the ground with legs in air.

What to do if you find yourself in a situation like this. What do you do if you find yourself kissing the ground? Well. This is an awkward position to be in. And let’s not sugarcoat this. It is not flattering. (Yes, we do care). So there is only one thing to do. Kiss the ground right back, put your hands down, and stand up. Don’t forget to dust off! Because being covered in dust (even whilst standing) is not flattering either.

Hands on ground. This is important. Hands on ground anchors you. It helps find solid ground. It restores your bearings, and helps you find your balance.

Quite often, I find myself stumbling. Not quite in the literal sense, but with words. With interactions. With sentences, and communication. How to communicate effectively? How to interact effectively? How to respond when I have no words? How to speak with authority?

As much preparation as I feel I can do, it still never feels enough. There is still a “gotcha” lying in wait, waiting to trip me up. And I trip often. But, and here’s the thing, I will not be defeated. Hands on ground, dust off, stand up, step forward.

I will not be defeated. In every battle I face, I will be brave. I will overcome. I will be defined not by my failures, but my tenacity. My Passion. My Strength.




We bear the scars of hopes and
When all our nights are filled with
Filled with love I watched you grow
I have no words as now you go
I wish you well, I wish you peace
I wish that all your pain will cease
Start the music, hear it play
While I fall down in desperate prayer
Farewell my dear, farewell my love
Here she comes, your heavenly

In Memory

There were times I loved you

There were times I feared

There were times I knew to quickly


There were tears and smiles and hugs

And joy

There were all the gifts you bought to share

You were my dad, the father I knew

And now you are gone, my sorrow is strong

I remember your hugs, your voice and your


I am your daughter, your flesh and your