I have an RBF. Apparently. Resting bitch face. I remember reading an article once on the every day lives of men and women. Women are expected to smile more and look pleasant. I have observed this in the workplace too. If a woman doesn’t smile often she is deemed miserable. But the same does not apply to her male colleagues. I have never been able to wear a facade. If I’m happy,I look happy. If I’m sad, I look sad. Stressed, looked stressed. Etc. My RBF doesn’t help though. Sometimes I am feeling just fine, but because I’m not smiling, I have a demeanor that may keep others at a distance. I don’t mean to though!

Here’s me looking happy🙂





I disagree with anyone who says licorice tastes good. Because licorice does not taste good. There is no part of licorice that tastes good. In any shape, size or form. I haven’t yet figured out why licorice is actually produced in the first place. And why anyone would want to eat it? It doesn’t look good or appetizing either, resembling something like a car tyre. And who wants to eat their car tyre? So where would the appeal even lie?



My current pile of unfinished books consists of a Dale Carnegie classic “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living”, a Rumi poetry book gifted to me by my beautiful friend nia, and below that “All the Light We Cannot See” by Anthony Doerr. Non-fiction, poetry and fiction all stacked in a pile next to my bed. Happiness is…