Yesterday I had an interesting experience. My son had a pupil-free day, which means he had a day off school. On a Monday, which means I had company. We went shopping. For a pokemon-go voucher. On our way back to the car, I spotted a dress on display, and decided to try it on. The sales assistant did a very good job, and persuaded me to try on two (discount off second purchase). Being protected by seven-day return policy I bought both. Yay, summer!

And then.

Third-degree from my son. How many dresses did I buy? How much did they cost? What about the clothes I wore last week? Those are for winter, I replied. But what about my summer clothes? Those are old season. He wears old season, what’s wrong with mine? Why did I buy something I don’t need. Wow, what is this all about, I eventually had to ask.

Turns out he’s been saving all his pocket money for a new game and is $30 short. And then horror of all horrors, I just walked into a store and bought not one, but two dresses I don’t even need!

Hmm. My husband’s two cents worth afterwards – I was being evaluated by my twelve-year old, and I failed!


I spent most of last week obsessing. Wishing for a new personality. Wishing I am not the person I am. Why do I not have leadership qualities. Why am I constantly overlooked. Why do I lack self-confidence. Why do I not make friends easily. Why this. Why that. Why blah.

Until I realized. I am. There are people that accept me. There are those that love me. I cannot be anyone, but me. I am not perfect. And neither is anyone! Or as a kind friend mentioned, we are all perfect. Different. And perfect.


My mother never made it to fifty. She passed a few days before she turned 45. I am not there yet, but will be soon (a few short years). What would I do differently if I only had till then? I guess a big thing is, I would stop sweating the small stuff. Being discontent. Just enjoy each day. Be kinder and less self-absorbed.

And if I am spared to see fifty, I will plan a holiday. And then enjoy it!