To My Mother

I see you in my dreams

I hear you in my mind

I feel you in my heart

I remember the very night

You flew from the land

And from my life

I am married now, Ma

I have a beautiful boy

And a daughter who looks like you

You are a grandmother now, Ma

Your legacy to the world

Your purpose lives on

I live your lessons every day

In my heart and in my life

And all I have is one tiny message

From my heart to yours

After all this time and what has been

Your baby girl is okay


In memory of my mother

28 April 1951 – 19 April 1996



Drifting to another world

I wonder what will be

If you will lift me off my feet

Or simply rescue me

There’s nothing more than can be shared

We’ve said it all before

Our pleasures past have come undone

It’s gone – our lust of yore

So now I’m left to question all

The should’s I never do

For when I fall asleep at night

It’s you, it’s only you.


The pain and whippings and self-flagellation our minds can inflict on our own selves is greater than any mountain we dare to conjure up.

At times like these, when our suffering is deep and sore and painful, it is wise to acknowledge our own lack of mercy and rather instead, to wrap our selves in love.

Because we were created. We were hand-crafted.

And while we still breath, we are life.

I Am

I hold my pain as a soft, vulnerable gift and allow it to be. For everything that I am and everything I have ever been is as delicate as a bubble that has been crafted with the most extraordinary care that allows it to be, and for all of my shortcomings and failures, there is victory too, and with every breath that I take, I simply am.