What would my testimony be, asked I

I took a moment to reflect

I stole some time to think it through:

I’ve cried I wept I faltered, failed

But always, always I held on

To sparkling glittering shimmering hope

For hope it is that is the fuel

That keeps our dreams alive

And more than that it guides our steps

That take us to the

Other side.

By Faith

By faith we live each day

Surrounded by our hoping hearts

We trust that all would go our way

That dreams would light the dimming stars

Before we have a chance to blink

We fall and falter at the realm

My legs give way I feel so weak

I hope that you will understand

I give it all I tried my best

It was returned at their behest

My very all would never be enough

And so I turn myself away

There’s nothing more I have

To say.

A Drop of Water

I felt that pain so deeply

A sear within my chest

I cried out for drops of water

The sun though lapped it all

Oh please can someone help me

Oh please don’t let me die!

But down the hole I falter

I lose the sight of sky

I’m surrounded by my demons

My head falls into hands

And so I wish for blindness

To unsee all the pain

Oh heal my heart I pray

Let the sun shine once again