Mother, I’m Waiting

My mother visited my dream last night

My child where have you been, she cried

“It was not me that went away,

I’m always waiting” – my soft reply.

My mother left, she flew from me

In the dark of night

Through a starry sky

Days have passed, years have too

I’ve waited waited waited

I’m waiting still

I’m waiting for my mother’s

Sweet return.


I’m feeling unsettled

Insecure it may seem

Past trauma has surfaced

A very bad dream.

Stuck in a limbo

No way through or out

If no escape I can find

I will scream, yell and shout!!

Don’t leave me please don’t leave me I pray

Your silence tortures me

I beg you to stay!

Oh please please please love me and this is my pain

Right here this child inside neglected, ignored

I was not good enough, not worth enough

I was never the one

I feel it now the rejection runs strong

It’s trapped inside it’s trapped within

Lodged under my skin.