Day Job


Time slipping through my fingers
Being released and flying far away
Just as I would lift my eyes to
Watch as a balloon floats
Higher, smaller into the skies
Until it can be seen no more
So does my time fly further from me
Until there is no more left
To do the things I need to do
And all that remains
Are memories of a faded day

(I need to write a software system by Tuesday, and am not very far in progress. I may be offline on the weekend #becausefocus)

Two Poems – Because Waiting

Poem Number One

If its coffee I’m waiting for
I would like it now please

Both my babies I had to wait
An inordinate amount of time for –

Being held to wait
For their father to arrive

And then another nine months for each
Well, I was young, or should I say

I was younger than I would be today
And so my patience is no longer

As it was in the fountain of my youth
And because it will be

Another whole day before
Midnight Post re-appears

The waiting is too long
And so *just for fun*

I have written not one
But Two Midnight Posts

And I cannot decide
Which is the preferred

Because I am due a coffee
And so my brain is refusing

To answer the question for me
So without further ado

I hereby present
Poem Number Two

Poem Number Two

Waiting, waiting, anticipating
My life is passing me by as I would type
Days turn to nights
Night turn to days

And still I wait
My patience endures
Longer than my flesh
Ageing, growing, evolving

In younger times
Time was as plentiful as water
A lifetime ahead
One lifetime of time

Well, times have changed
And that never-ending
Fountain of youth and years
Minutes and seconds seem so easily to

Slip through my fingers

As quickly as I can type
Making me hesitant to agree,
Very enthusiastically, to wait any
More longer than I should

Nowadays if there is something
I could possibly hope for –
Will have to go after it myself
And hope I catch it before I die

Which one would you prefer
It begs the question
Poem Number One
Or are you rather loving
Poem Number Two?
Would this possibly make
Poem Number Three

Coffee Time!

New Day (ten minutes unedited)

A new day has dawned
The morning sun filtering
Delicately into the room
Bringing its version of light
Beckoning me

To awake and to arise
To emerge myself in the day
That would lie ahead
I hear the chirping of birds
Cars driving by

Melodies of creation far and near
Different sounds of nature’s songs
Filling my heart with
A joyful gladness of being alive
On this new day

A precious gift to humankind
And to creation that would us surround
To have a world that we may enjoy
Graciously thought out in its being
Wondrous marvel

My life could be taken today
What would be my parting words
What would I like my testimony to be?
That I was alive and I lived and felt
Gave thanks and loved


Everchanging Times

In days before October
Ten pm used to be Ten pm
It made me so happy

Was able to have an evening routine
Meditation, quietness and all those things
One would do at night

Before writing Daily Post
Which I only discovered
In September

October arrived
And times they do change
Ten o’clock now became eleven

So another hour later
It is not all bad
Extra reading and music time

Keep oneself occupied
Meditate a bit more
Just Do Not fall asleep

Welcome November
My ten o’clock original
Has now become midnight

So every night
I find myself looking at walls
And writing books

And keeping busy
With lots of coffee
To stay awake

For the Daily Post
Which for me has become
The Midnight Post

But now the problem is
I am awake
And I am typing

But am SO, SO tired
I am unable to think
About anything other

Than Why, Why, Why
Do times have to keep on changing?
Why can’t Ten pm stay Ten pm?

Past midnight which used to be Past Ten Pm

Past Midnight which used to be Past Ten Pm

Midnight Hour

No morning picture
Today, I am still upset
At having found out

That Daily Post now
Only gets posted at Twelve
O’clock my time, here

In Sydney, Aussie
Time, this is now two hours
Past my bedtime, now

What should I do? Should
I go to bed at normal
Ten o’clock bedtime

And post in morning
What if I’m not inspired?
Should I stay awake

Every night and
Then look like a zombie the
Next day, or should I

Go to sleep at ten
And set the alarm each night
Like Cinderella?

Night on Speed

Every night when I close my eyes
Exhausted at having stayed awake
Way past bedtime to write Daily Post

I only have to blink and I’m awake
Morning has arrived and sun greets anew
Where on earth did night escape to?

It rushed by like a train on steam
No patience for passengers
Especially none for ones like me

Who would take advantage
Of night’s midnight hours
To cram in minutes if I may

So please slow down
Dear Night I plead
Allow me to have my way with you

An extra hour or two
Would really, so deliciously
Make one very happy, productive me!



Blog’s Birthday! (Verbose)

If ever there was a day
For a twenty-five hour day
It would have been today!

And that’s because from when I awoke
To when I now sit
I’ve been on the go, go, go!

So many people have commented
So many people have liked
So many people have followed

And I have been unable to thank
Or comment
Or like
Or follow

Because I have not had a minute to spare
Let alone an EXTRA SIXTY!!!
But now it is near the end of the day
Midnight creeping up fast

And it’s my Blog’s Birthday!
My Baby Love!
My Pride and Joy
My Piece of Me!

And I am Happy!
So to celebrate
I bought myself a book!

A book of Poetry!
So I can read some Poetry!
And maybe learn to write some too!

Happy Birthday Me!
Passion through Poetry!!


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