Words As Water


Feeling unsettled – oh, what does it mean?
Wandering aimlessly with soles in the sand.
How to handle the feelings within?
Desperately, anxiously, seeking rest for the soul.

Retreating inside and all I can feel
Is sadness and darkness and sorrow so real.
But the words start to flow and gently they heal
Cleansing, refreshing, the faster they go.

Words and rhyme and rhythm and song,
Humming so softly in whispers surreal.
The water is warm, and the flow is so strong—
Soothing and caring, always comforting still.


16 thoughts on “Words As Water

    1. Thank you, Debbie, it is one of my original poems I felt like re-sharing x all the best to you in Jhb. I am due for another visit, will have to start thinking about it!

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      1. Thanks. Glad you re-shared as it was something I needed to read today. Hope Australia is treating you well today. We’ll have to meet for coffee when you’re visiting. Have a fab day.

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