Discarded Me

A Poem I decided not to publish

Crazy lady
Sometimes I am an introvert
Want to be left alone
And sometimes I don’t

Sometimes I am so sad
Not finding any relief from
The sheer darkness within
Other times my heart is happy
And my soul is glad

Always feeling, passionating
Not resonating
With the normal others
That would encompass me
Handle me with care

Wrapped in my own world
My own thoughts
Magical mysteries inside of me
Enjoying my own company
And the world created so exquisitely

I’m a writer
I’m a dreamer
I’m a coder
I’m a walker
I’m a talker

I can lead, I can follow
I can laugh, I can cry
Very easily
I can love, I can live
I am aware, I breathe

A world of contrasts
Wrapped into one
This is me, I am Vonita
Moving towards the light
Passioning through Poetry



Memory Box

There is a vanity box
Gift to me when I was maybe
Fourteen, by my Grandma dear
It has stayed with me

For all this time
Contains the memoirs
Of a younger self
Many memories contained

Within this box midnight blue
So precious, it is locked
To be opened only
By one magic key

A key so golden, key so fine
Unlocking the treasures within
My diaries, reams and reams of them
My first kiss, my teenage years

My hopes and dreams
Photographs, and baby charms
Birthday cards, and Love Letters too
Thank You Note from my Mother’s heart

Sharing how proud she was
To be a mother to me
All the memories of my life
My youth, my heart

Are contained here within
Preserved for future days
Mystical memories to be revealed
By one golden, magic key