I Love You


You walked into my life
And spun my world around
The peace I felt, the joy and love
Have kept me by your side –
So glad to be your wife



Fake Charm

Attractive young woman ( Acting ) as someone in pain or sad.

Take a look at me
At my eyes and my face
And you will see
That I am a shell
Of the person I used to be
From when you entered my life
Uninvited and unannounced
And left again, a whirlwind
Of destruction, leaving your
Fake charm and smile
Fluttering in my heart
Like autumn leaves
Blowing in the wind

Sun Whipped

Your love in all its to and fros
Highs and lows
Is as sunburn after a day on the beach
The bliss and joy and fun in the sun
Burns the skin leaving welts of whippings so bad
And I wonder
What did I ever do to make you behave
And do the things you do, behave as you always do?

If ever there was anyone who didn’t deserve my love, well what can I say? It’s you