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My Grandfather

When I was but a child
I would sit enraptured at the knee
Listening so very earnestly
To what my grandfather would say to me

So many stories he would share
Of life – how it was when he was young
I would hear tales about macaroni shells
And how they grow outside on trees

Stories about children growing up
Silly mistakes that they would make
And I knew to never take most things he said
Very seriously, because he might just be kidding me

For a sense of humour he did have
He could make me laugh when I was feeling sad
Lighten the air with only a smile or hug
And I do so miss him now very much

Not all his words were humorous jokes
For wise thoughts he would also share
Warning me that growing old
Is not for the faint-hearted, one must be strong

People fill our hearts with stories they tell
Infuse our vision with their lives and their love
And one day we find they have been taken from us
Leaving only memories as a faded note

That they lived and we loved them
For a short while they were alive as we are now –
Our own stories will touch younger hearts
As our hearts were touched when we were young





It took three years and then some 

To pull me down 


Make me less than 



My impression is that 


It was all about him.

It took one encounter 

To lift me up 


Believe in me 

And see my smile

My truth 

My worth.

My impression is that 


It is all about us.


No Qualms

I’ve never, ever used the word ‘qualm’ before now, but I can hear my mother’s voice echoing in my ear. He / she has no qualms about lying or being deceitful or hurting people. Or whatever. 

Or perhaps I had no qualms in back-chatting and being cheeky? Which seemed to happen often. I always strived to have the last word. 

Qualm is totally a word my mother used to use. (Never heard my father use it).

Right up there with ‘knackered’.



Waterloo Station

We were lovers
We were friends
We laughed and
Also, we cried
When I mourned
Your arms comforted
Your gentle hands drying
The tears of my eyes
And then we said goodbye
With a final kiss I walked away
And when I see you now
We are nothing more than
Strangers passing by



A temporary joy 

Will never feed

A lost and thirsty soul.

For as the pleasure 

Fades and dies

A bleeding heart 

Will always cry.

A lasting peace

Is found inside 

Safe within  

A quiet heart.

Feel the love 

Tap into peace

And feed your soul



Bitter Pill

Tis a bitter pill
When mind overrules heart
And desires are denied

Tis a bitter pill
When two are at odds
And only one can decide

Tis a bitter pill
That my disappointment
Would be your delight

Tis a bitter pill
That at the start of every night
You are not here by my side