Last Song


And when our lives come to an end
What will our thoughts be then?
What will we think, what will we feel
Would we want our lives again?

Will we be at peace, or be at rest?
Or never want to go
To say goodbye to earthly life
And all that we do know



I Wish

I wish
When we make friends we could keep them forever
I wish
When feeling sad, it could be waved away like feathers
I wish
When nighttime arrives, my dream will be one to treasure
I wish
When my fingers start to burn, there will be verses to write
I wish
When I feel pain, there will be those who would take the time
I wish
When I have something to share, there will be those who care
I wish
When I kneel to pray, my prayers reach where they need to go
I pray
For happiness and love, and all things good
I wish

Captured Dream

This morning when I went to sleep
Past midnight once again
I had a dream so real for me
Coming back so vividly

Allow me to type
So I can capture my dream
Before it vaporizes
And is taken from me

I dreamt of my mother
How she entered my room
She was on a bicycle
Geared up and ready to go

(All those weekly photo challenges
Of wheels and bicycles converging –
Gate crashing my dream)
First time my mother on a bicycle I’ve seen

Knock at the door
And friends waiting to go
Spend some time with my mother
And have themselves a day of fun

I was an onlooker at this little game
My mother acting strangely
Not like my mother would at all
She leaned over to give me a hug

I turned myself away, I’m sorry
No hugs coming your way
Give me back my mother, not one acting so strange
Tell me, where is my mother?

Where has she gone?