(Still) Living in a Box


I say the things I’m told to say
I live the way I’m told to live
I smile, I act, I live my life
And when I dream at night
My dreams are free to roam
Outside the box I’m captured in


75 thoughts on “(Still) Living in a Box

  1. ‘Outside The Box’ is a great place to be. Almost from our first classroom aged 3 we are put in boxes, classrooms are boxes, we are sat in front of tv’s, more boxes, even our final resting place is a box. I hate boxes & I love wide open spaces more than anything. Great poem thank you x

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  2. I liked this poem, it sounds like me in my 40’s. I do think we live with restraints daily. Excellent and thought provoking words. I an off to work but appreciate this like you gave my dahlia post. 🙂 ~ Robin

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  3. Wow, I love this. You have such a gift to say so much in so few lines. I wish I had that ability. I tend to be very detailed with my words, and, sometimes, it makes me feel the need to just shut up. lol. I so enjoy reading your blog! 😉

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  4. Me too! I used to feel like I lived in a box but not anymore. More like a caged bird but not. I hope you are doing okay today. I noticed you didn’t post much and I know how crazy mommy and our lives can get! Big hugs and blessings to you! ❤

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    1. Thank you so much for reading this post Michelle! I never posted yesterday, I experienced an unexpected case of writers block, and I still feeling it. Normally the words just flow, but yesterday nothing, just dead blanks. In these times I try not to force it, and rather enjoy more what everyone else has to share. There is so much to inspire! Big hugs xx


      1. Oh sweet friend it’s during those time I believe I get into the “too much” of life and lose my words. Today I read something I shouldn’t have and being sensitive about Alex it probably hurt me a little more than usual. Normally I try to overlook an offense and well gosh I’m only human. So I came here to read your sweet words. I love them and I love what I read and I instantly felt that light come back. I love your book I’ve been reading it at night. I love it! 💟

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      2. I’m so sorry to hear about your hurt. We are all human, and words are so powerful. I have learnt that with writing, how powerful words can be. Thank you so much for reading my book! I worked on it for so long, and apart from the few items I want to fix, it is the passion of my heart. I never meant to write a book it just popped out, and it makes me so happy if it can bring some joy to others. Hugs my friend ❤


  5. To me Ms Vonita , you look to be a woman of 21 st century , but when you dream you dream like a women of a 18 th century . We all love to dream . I dreamt to write a book after I retired from Bank in India & now I am a published Author of Book on short stories : Journey from Guwahati to Machhiwara , now in 12 countries , 80 libraries .

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  6. This poem perfectly depicts people in our society. They say we should be ourselves and do whatever we want, but when we do just like that, they tend to get alarmed and command us to conform again…


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