(Still) Living in a Box


I say the things I’m told to say
I live the way I’m told to live
I smile, I act, I live my life
And when I dream at night
My dreams are free to roam
Outside the box I’m captured in



72 thoughts on “(Still) Living in a Box

  1. ‘Outside The Box’ is a great place to be. Almost from our first classroom aged 3 we are put in boxes, classrooms are boxes, we are sat in front of tv’s, more boxes, even our final resting place is a box. I hate boxes & I love wide open spaces more than anything. Great poem thank you x

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  2. I liked this poem, it sounds like me in my 40’s. I do think we live with restraints daily. Excellent and thought provoking words. I an off to work but appreciate this like you gave my dahlia post. 🙂 ~ Robin

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  3. Wow, I love this. You have such a gift to say so much in so few lines. I wish I had that ability. I tend to be very detailed with my words, and, sometimes, it makes me feel the need to just shut up. lol. I so enjoy reading your blog! 😉

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  4. Me too! I used to feel like I lived in a box but not anymore. More like a caged bird but not. I hope you are doing okay today. I noticed you didn’t post much and I know how crazy mommy and our lives can get! Big hugs and blessings to you! ❤

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    • Thank you so much for reading this post Michelle! I never posted yesterday, I experienced an unexpected case of writers block, and I still feeling it. Normally the words just flow, but yesterday nothing, just dead blanks. In these times I try not to force it, and rather enjoy more what everyone else has to share. There is so much to inspire! Big hugs xx


      • Oh sweet friend it’s during those time I believe I get into the “too much” of life and lose my words. Today I read something I shouldn’t have and being sensitive about Alex it probably hurt me a little more than usual. Normally I try to overlook an offense and well gosh I’m only human. So I came here to read your sweet words. I love them and I love what I read and I instantly felt that light come back. I love your book I’ve been reading it at night. I love it! 💟

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      • I’m so sorry to hear about your hurt. We are all human, and words are so powerful. I have learnt that with writing, how powerful words can be. Thank you so much for reading my book! I worked on it for so long, and apart from the few items I want to fix, it is the passion of my heart. I never meant to write a book it just popped out, and it makes me so happy if it can bring some joy to others. Hugs my friend ❤


  5. To me Ms Vonita , you look to be a woman of 21 st century , but when you dream you dream like a women of a 18 th century . We all love to dream . I dreamt to write a book after I retired from Bank in India & now I am a published Author of Book on short stories : Journey from Guwahati to Machhiwara , now in 12 countries , 80 libraries .

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