Friendship Tree


Resharing from 2014, because we all need friends!

Our contributors, with thanks (because Poets are awesome)

Happy Holidays, everyone 🙂

You’ve Got A Friend

There are times when
There are so many words that I type
Too much for even me, should I discard
Or should I publish for the world to read

And then I decide
If it could touch another
Then all that would be felt within
Would not all be in vain, but fill a need

Thank you around the world
For all the kindness  received
For encouraging words and support
It helps my heart to stop its bleed

Gift of Friendship

Two souls connect
On this journey of life
Different energies
Complimenting each other

At times one will listen
Other times another will speak
Being together
Being alone


Friends and family too, both precious gifts
That can neither be bought
Nor forced

I love each soul that would count
As being a friend of mine
Cherish the uniqueness of being

Most are unlike me
Which is not hard to be

I would give thanks
More than analyse

Every blessed friend to me

Friends Forever