I sit alone
And watch the sky
I watch the clouds
Go floating by

I sit awhile
And think of you
I think of all
That we went through

And I know that
I never have
And never will
Love anyone

As much as my heart
Cries out every day
Every hour
For you


30 thoughts on “Alone

  1. My love shall speak
    Against me
    When I see you
    And so I turn away
    Because I know
    You will never understand.

    Nice picture dear! And the words of course, the pain and anguish is so raw and unique.

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  2. That’s a beautiful poem. And anyone who has experienced heart break (not necessarily by way of saying break up, also just by distance or other glitches) will understand exactly the emotions of these beautiful words…
    And now I’m heading for a second read.

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  3. Thank you for posting your beautiful verse. Mr Midnight, Sir Winston and myself enjoyed reading it. You are quite talented. All the best greetings from the blog of “Gilmours Nice Place” in the magical Black Forest.

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