I Miss Him

I thought I saw him today but I was mistaken, but before I was mistaken I felt that jolt in my stomach of butterflies, and then I thought I heard him and this time I was not mistaken, he appeared out of nowhere all cheerful and with people and then disappeared again so quickly, he never greeted and I never greeted, and my heart is broken, the pieces are scattered all over the floor because I simply 

Miss him


A family in Sydney lost their eldest son (19) a few years back. He was punched in a random one-punch attack while out in the city one night with his girlfriend. The perpetrator was under the influence.

Yesterday his younger brother was found dead. Also at the age of 19. I cannot comprehend how the parents are expected to cope. Losing both sons at the age of 19 four years apart. Unimaginable pain and loss. Never ending.

Love your loved ones please, tomorrow their day might be night.