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All the Time

I close my eyes and dream of you 

I dream of all that we’ve been through 

And I know I never will and never have

Loved anyone as much as my heart cries out

Every day every hour every minute 

For you



I feel sick to my core

When I remember your tender eyes

Your tender hands 

Your kisses 

Your smile 

I feel sick to my core

Remembering places and feelings



I cannot even understand 

How you were never mine

How you loved but didn’t

How you ghosted every time 

And even though I wish

I had never laid eyes on you 

I wish more 

That you could have loved me 

I don’t understand 

I cannot understand 

That you didn’t 

How could you have loved me

The way you did so fully

But not loved me?

Free Will

If people were robots 

I could make you 

Love me

I could make you 

Kiss me

Over and 

Over again

But people are not robots

And I cannot make you 

Love me

Or kiss me

Over and

Over again 

I cannot make you 

Greet me

Or smile at me 

Or laugh with me

Or talk to me

You are not a robot and

You have 

Your own

Free will

Please Hurry!

I promised to love
My whole life through

I promised to care
Only ever for you

I promised with all
The love in my heart

That we would never
Be broken apart

And so I wait alone
While you are away

For your quick return
Please hurry, I pray!

(I read this poem to my daughter and she said it is cheesy. Hmm. Cheesy)

I Love

I loved

I loved with a pain that sliced with ice-sharpened knives 

I loved with a love that haunted at night 

That invaded my dreams and nightmares

Those eyes that penetrated my soul 

That brought me to smiles and tears 

Left me on whisper-white clouds 

And pits of darkened coal 

I loved with my very essence 

I never stopped 

I loved

And more than that

I love