Where Are You?

I reach my hand to touch your face

And find your face not there

I long to trace your fingertips –

Your hands are nowhere near

I wish to look into your eyes

And meet your soul with mine

Your image haunts my every dream!

I want to shout and scream

Where are you, in this world?

All I have are thoughts

And sweet reminders of the times

We touched and loved and kissed

I hunger now for you, my love

The memories have to fill

That aching void that never goes

It stays with me through all.

In Memory

There were times I loved you

There were times I feared

There were times I knew to quickly


There were tears and smiles and hugs

And joy

There were all the gifts you bought to share

You were my dad, the father I knew

And now you are gone, my sorrow is strong

I remember your hugs, your voice and your


I am your daughter, your flesh and your


To My Mother

I see you in my dreams

I hear you in my mind

I feel you in my heart

I remember the very night

You flew from the land

And from my life

I am married now, Ma

I have a beautiful boy

And a daughter who looks like you

You are a grandmother now, Ma

Your legacy to the world

Your purpose lives on

I live your lessons every day

In my heart and in my life

And all I have is one tiny message

From my heart to yours

After all this time and what has been

Your baby girl is okay


In memory of my mother

28 April 1951 – 19 April 1996

Grace for Today

It is a lesson once again to be thankful and grateful for our lives, and the air we breathe. We are alive! We breathe! Yay for that.

The birds outside are chirping, and the sun is rising. Grace for today, that is my prayer.

My mother left us too soon. It is strange how you can have a life, a home, everything around you as it is, and then suddenly you are no longer there. Just plucked from your life, and there you go, dead. 

I sometimes think about the life my mother left behind. If she suddenly returned how everything has changed. Her home is no longer. Her children have married. She would be a grandmother. There is google. There are smartphones. Can you believe that 21 years there was no google? 

The last time I saw my mother she was wearing a blue sweater I bought her. She was going on an overseas vacation with my father. We drove to the airport, hugged goodbye, and then she was gone. I was 21, soon to be 22. 

On an airplane and out my life. 


He sent through a poem 

Better than I could ever write 

About smiles and kisses 

Butterflies and wings

Peace and dreams 

Flying me to lands of love

The words I hungered to hear

The words I ached to feel

And then I saw

The lines were old 

They were written not

For me, they were presented