Writing a Better Me

Southern Hemisphere Lovin’ Gal
Springtime celebrated every year
This September brought a fresh Summertime Dose
Of turmoil, agony and despair

Not knowing what to do, and where to go
How to get rid of this darkness within
I looked to the sun, and saw brightness and light
I looked within, and felt courage and life

So many words flowing forth from my heart
I started to write, I started to type
And every day ever since
I have written, I have typed

Words arising, healing, flowing
Understanding a little more of my soul within
Therapeuting, growing, empathising
Passionating my way to be a better me –

In the depths of despair I held out my arms
And was gently lifted from the dark well surrounds
To a higher, brighter, sun-drenched place
Of life, and light, and safety

flower in sun

Find a Better Me here: If Tomorrow comes

Photography from the collection of Ali McGill Photography


15 thoughts on “Writing a Better Me

      1. I can relate re: my challenges with Bipolar Disorder. Constant healing, up & down. Better moments are more frequent thankfully than the “not so much” lol

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      1. I’ve been typing while you’ve been typing, have left a message for you on your blog, it is the power of the written word, your writing must have embedded into my subconscious and revealed itself in mine, it was entirely un-intentional on my part, but a testimony to how much power ones writing can be on another!

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  1. affinity is a very powerful force. We ned to bring together people to heal this fractured world or indeed universe. We who plunge the extremes that we are told by the world make us mentally ill have a good place to play in the harmony of the spheres – healing or inded at times disrupting the status quo. Blesings on this author S(he) is very light footed and has fine and helpful and healing words for the worlkd. May we act in concert!

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