Feeling Life

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Gut Feeling.”

If an instinct is a feeling
I follow my instinct all the time
For every day in every way
I allow the feeling to lead and guide
If I am in doubt over what to do
Some quietness to get in tune
To what I feel, and never question
How I feel, because therein lies the truth

I have ended friendships, been married, given birth, moved countries, changed jobs, remained at one for many years, I have authored a book and a blog, learning design and soon mobile development, I have questioned others when they have not liked the questions, or the answers or the reply, and I have paid the price of doing so, following one’s instinct is not always the easiest thing to do, there is sometimes pain and pain some more, but it is the only way to go

I live my life by feeling
I write to give my feeling life

Writing a Better Me

Southern Hemisphere Lovin’ Gal
Springtime celebrated every year
This September brought a fresh Summertime Dose
Of turmoil, agony and despair

Not knowing what to do, and where to go
How to get rid of this darkness within
I looked to the sun, and saw brightness and light
I looked within, and felt courage and life

So many words flowing forth from my heart
I started to write, I started to type
And every day ever since
I have written, I have typed

Words arising, healing, flowing
Understanding a little more of my soul within
Therapeuting, growing, empathising
Passionating my way to be a better me –

In the depths of despair I held out my arms
And was gently lifted from the dark well surrounds
To a higher, brighter, sun-drenched place
Of life, and light, and safety

flower in sun

Find a Better Me here: If Tomorrow comes

Photography from the collection of Ali McGill Photography


Last Words

I am at peace with the world
I am at peace with me
I am at peace

Thank you for my beating heart
Thank you for my life
Thank you

If this my last night shall be
Let me live it

Spare one last night to breathe in
All the pure goodness
Surrounding me

I have lived, I have loved
I have fought
I am

Grant one last wish of mine I plead
That my written words should be
My testimony

And if I should not make it through the night
Know that I am at peace, I am at rest
There are no words left in me



Inspired by the music and lyrics of OAPlascencia – Thank You (For The Love)

Photography from the collection of Ali McGill Photography


Casserole Curries

The most elaborate meal I’ve cooked
Has been a curry that is not a curry at all
I’ve been dining all my life
On curries that are not curries at all

So from now on to assist
In any shape, way or form
Of cooking that needs to be done
There are handy packs on standby

For the low down on the details
Catch it all at my previous post
Chilli Peppers Please!
Courtesy link provided below





Kissing Home Goodbye

My grandfather, before I was born
As a teenager went off to war
He left his life in South Africa
Kissed his home and parents farewell

Captured, became a prisoner of war
Worked in fields under fear of death
(Would never deny another a morsel of bread
Because he knew what hunger would mean)

In time, an end was declared
Waiting game had to be endured
To be transported across the seas
Back home to family and peace

He met my grandmother
In Scotland while he had time
Back home they began to write
Until he requested her delicate hand

Her parents agreed
Back on a ship he returned
They wed in Scotland, and he took her away
He twenty-seven and she nineteen

My mother was born
In the Cape of Africa with a view
Of Table Mountain standing tall
A formidable witness for all

My father lived in another place
And as with my mother’s mother before
Her parents acquiesced with his request
For her to be wed, and to be taken away

I was born in Johannesburg
Which is another story to tell
I grew up in Africa
Was blessed by the land

Like my grandmother did so many years ago
And then my mother followed suit
I kissed my homeland and family goodbye
And started a life somewhere new


Cape Town images courtesy Ali McGill Photography

Breathing Words

I took a risk in creating a blog
Only ever having read a few cooking blogs before

Not knowing what I will do with a blog
But feeling that it was needing to be born

So I created a blog, and gave it a name
And published a few words to begin

Poor baby blog was then discarded at will
For a while, maybe nine months at that

But waited patiently for me to return
It took a short while, but I never forgot

About a blog waiting silently for new life,
I returned to breathe words once again

So here I am, and there is so much to learn
And every new day, I will now joyfully embrace –

Every new post, every new thought, every new word
That flows from my heart, that my blog can display!



Love Theme

If my life were a movie
There would be romance
Never-ending moments of
Life and love and joy

Depth of feeling
One with another
At peace with a collected me
Understanding, compromising

Flowing music on repeat
Best friend Miss Meryl Streep
Leading to a life
Lived passionately

Fighting banished, no more
Strife and endless tears –
Heart-renching goodbyes, sensual
Feeling overcoming

Standing on bridges
Being at one with my surrounds
Thankfulness abounding
For each moment I am breathing

“The old dreams were good dreams; they didn’t work out, but glad I had them.” Clint Eastwood