Dare To Be

Dare to be happy don’t shy away
Reach out and touch the joy of today
Life is for living, give it a try
Open your heart to that sun in the sky.

Dare to be loving and trusting and true
Treasure the hours with those close to you
Dare to be kind it’s more fun than you know
Give joy to others and watch your own grow.

Dare to admit all your blessings and then
Every day count them all over again
Dare to be happy and don’t be afraid
This is the day God willfully made.

Living Hope

I lived in fear for years on end

My soul was tied and bound

I had no place outside my realm

No open path that I could tell

I gave up hope, resigned to life

My bed was made so down I laid

But change came by and saw the heart

My tears had nearly drowned

I closed my eyes and lift my arms

I surrendered all to God

Please help me, Lord, my life is yours

I have nowhere else to go

He heard my prayers and felt my pain

And wiped it all away

I thank you Lord for all you’ve done

For all my life might be

I’ll live my days to glorify

My living hope in Thee!