For pure unadulterated inspiration, we need look no further than the Williams sisters and their dad. When (age 11) Serena was asked, if she was to become a tennis player who would she like to be like? She answered without skipping a beat, well, I’d like others to be like me. 

And in 2017, we have both Williams sisters in the Australian Open, well done Venus and Serena, and well done Serena on 23 Grand Slam titles.

Good on Dad for stating way back then, we will  one day see them in the finals.

Daily Inspirations by Erika Kind

On Saturday I received my much-anticipated 101 Kind Quotes  physical copy created by my dear friend Erika Kind from I’m Free. First up, I want to say how wonderful it is to be able to hold it in my hands and to browse through it freely. Each quote is set on an accompanying image and has Erika’s trademark butterfly presented on it. So much to inspire. And much about love. My favorites are those revolving around love “Love is the cause, the key, and the result. Love is all that is“. There are 101 quotes, so perfect for choosing one daily at random,  or to read in one sitting. I am really glad and thankful for this beautiful book, and for all the love that has gone into creating it.

Thank you Erika, for your wonderful community presence, and for all that you do for us. We love and appreciate you! ❤



Moving Towards The Light

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Be the Change.”

I would like my blog to make a change
To encourage, touch or resonate
In this dark world where all is lost
Where somewhere there may be hope in need

For I have learnt and am learning still
The power of words and how much they have
Words create worlds, and I hope to touch
To somehow build and not destroy

For I have been so low, not knowing what to do
How to escape this agony?
That walks around with me each day
Steals the smile from my heart and face

Dark times so dark no light is seen
In midst of nights, and in sunlight
I wrote The Light, and formed a blog
To help me move towards the light

“When all around is dark
And all you know is night
Feel the hope within
And move towards the light”