Heaven and Home!

It was mentioned to me last week that if I change my thinking, that the world would be my oyster. This is a wonderful thought in its place, and caused me to reflect on it more deeply. 

We have all been given natural bodies, and those bodies have natural needs. I’m sure it is part of human nature for us to fill those needs as comfortably as possible. Most of us would not willingly suffer, I am sure of that. 

My eyes have been outward looking the past few months. Seeing what others have that I want for myself. I would like a beautiful designer house by the sea. I would love to have a high-powered career and not be in tears every day. I would love to go on incentive trips, and win awards and be recognized for my worldly greatness. Or even have my own successful business and be a success, yay for that. I would love to have many friends, and a personality that commands respect and admiration and friends and all things good.

But in having the world as my oyster where does it end? If I obtained the most precious worldly pearl, would there be satisfaction and peace? Perhaps for a day, or a few. Perhaps I could congratulate myself in comfort. For a day and a few. And then? Human nature would once again take over. Because that’s what it does. It is greedy. It is selfish. It wants. It desires. It is actually never satisfied. And it is seduced by the next sparkling, bright thing.

So instead of changing my thoughts so that the world could be my oyster, maybe I can change my prayers. So that my desires can change. So that my heart can change. My spirit can change. So that heaven can be my home. So that I could find everlasting peace and joy and satisfaction. Not for a day or a few. But for eternity, and the life to come. 

Onward to heaven. And home!


12 thoughts on “Heaven and Home!

  1. It is always good to readjust out perspectives as well as not focusing so much on ourselves, Vonita. Easier said than done. I am glad to read you are trying to figure out more on a valuable lesson in life. I need to also try this! 🙂 Take it easy, dear. 💖

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  2. I think it all starts with the idea of who we are and why we are here. We are spirit who wants to experience a human life. Our purpose is living our lives and therefore live what we feel we want to experience. If we only do things in order to impress others we will never be happy. But if we do things because it is an inner call, an inner desire that fills us with happiness, joy, enthusiasm, and power when we imagine us in that situation then it is fulfilling. That doesn’t mean that we are fine once we have achieved that because from one fulfilled dream new dreams appear because we evolved. It is meant that we keep on going for new things, experiencing and learning new things. It is part of our nature to explore and expand ourselves more and more and more… this is what life is about: constant thriving. But it is not because we are not fine with what we have but because we discover how much there is within us to be lived!

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      1. I am glad you did not mind my long comment. It is just very often a misinterpreted that keeping it going does mean we are not thankful and unhappy but it is against our nature when we stop developing and most of all thriving within our being. That’s the meaning of life! If anyone tells you something different they are frustrated because they live in that misunderstanding. Go for your dreams and make little steps every single day! 💖

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  3. I got a couple of thoughts if you will endulge me.
    One , as you well…fuck it, gonna get to the point, you do know life is not full of roses, I know it you know it and hopefully most of the poeple know it and if not threy got a real problem and the last part of your writing is greatly unfair since I am your oister and you don’t want to be my…oisters?
    You know what after drinking 5 whiskeys, I said 6 wiksis… I like the writing, surreal but I like it.

    By the way were we gonna get married on the 25 of December?

    P.S. I did not drink….. I think

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