Living Hope

I lived in fear for years on end

My soul was tied and bound

I had no place outside my realm

No open path that I could tell

I gave up hope, resigned to life

My bed was made so down I laid

But change came by and saw the heart

My tears had nearly drowned

I closed my eyes and lift my arms

I surrendered all to God

Please help me, Lord, my life is yours

I have nowhere else to go

He heard my prayers and felt my pain

And wiped it all away

I thank you Lord for all you’ve done

For all my life might be

I’ll live my days to glorify

My living hope in Thee!

Prayer for Patience 

I am waiting for love

I am waiting for Thee

I am waiting for patience

I am waiting to see

What thou hast in store for me

What thou heart has planned

The depth of thy mercy

The grace from thy hand

I am waiting, dear Lord

Hear my soul prayer

Grant me thy vision

Lend me thy ear

So I could hear fully

And I could know trust

That thy way is best

I will wait if I must