Dare To Be

Dare to be happy don’t shy away
Reach out and touch the joy of today
Life is for living, give it a try
Open your heart to that sun in the sky.

Dare to be loving and trusting and true
Treasure the hours with those close to you
Dare to be kind it’s more fun than you know
Give joy to others and watch your own grow.

Dare to admit all your blessings and then
Every day count them all over again
Dare to be happy and don’t be afraid
This is the day God willfully made.

I’m so happy 

For things that make me happy 

Like guitar strings being strummed 

Like music playing 

Like my warm cosy bed 

Like coffee

Like cake yum I love cake 

Like a Johannesburg thunderstorm 

Like watching movies on an airplane 

Like every pay day, yay for pay days 

Like swimming in the sea 

Like massages 

Like my hair being brushed 

Like new clothes days

Like the quietness when I am still at night 

And all I feel is peace and quiet

And I am safe and loved.

Being Still

Last night I was thinking of being still. I opened a book that I haven’t used in years to write some notes, and right there in front of me were some notes I had made from a long time ago. Exactly what I was thinking, ‘Be still and know that I am God’. 

It was my thoughts exactly echoed back to me. A tiny message to hold on to and focus on. In the midst of turmoil, strife, negativity, cravings and the other earth battles we face, sometimes just to be still, let go and allow God his will be done.

The creator of heaven, earth, land and sky breathed life into us. We have power on our side.