Empty Love

I will try
Try and forget
All the words
Said to hurt
Said to pain
Said to scar
I will try
Try and forget
Your eyes
Your arms
Your kiss
I will try
Try and forget
Times we shared
Times we spoke
Times together
When all it was
Was an emptiness
A meaningless –
An empty love


20 thoughts on “Empty Love

    1. Thank you Andy! Some of my poetry and writing can be quite confusing I guess, I sometimes tap into past feelings or experiences to write poetry, it is not always my present circumstance. Poetry is my therapy 🙂

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  1. See what you are doing? You got me back to your post, and no it was not empty love and it was a great love or un love poem better said, but ….forgot let me read again , o.k so i was on track, anyways you do lovely writing this kind of thing.
    Love ya

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    1. You too Charly, and thank you, and I ❤ Tina too because she is Tina, the empty love was all my love falling on some dead heart, and now all I gotta do is love myself 😊


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