Standing Up

I am free from the past

I am free from the pain 

I am free from your charms

I am free from your arms 

I am free from the rollercoaster 

The pain and the joys 

The ups and the downs

And the highs and the lows 

The buckle opened up 

I took a step off 

And after the fall

I wept on the floor 

I wept and I prayed 

I wept and I pained 

And when it was over 

For over it was

I stood back up

I gave it my all

I am standing again 

I am standing 

Once more

Happy Pills

Day 10, I am hoping to stabilize and elevate my daily moods. Am still very despondent, and my mind obsessions are still playing out. 

Am not sure how having a stable mood will affect my writing. For years I have been on an emotional rollercoaster, many downs and ‘very downs’, not many very highs, though sometimes I have been ‘okay’. The ‘very downs’ seemed to spark writing in me. But also perhaps contributed to ruminations, and the continual feeding of my unhealthy thought patterns.

This past week I had a small success at work. In amongst all my failures. I sold myself to a client who is needing assistance in another state. They have requested that I assist them from the 1 May. I may have oversold myself. Something that doesn’t happen very often!