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I feel sick to my core

When I remember your tender eyes

Your tender hands 

Your kisses 

Your smile 

I feel sick to my core

Remembering places and feelings



I cannot even understand 

How you were never mine

How you loved but didn’t

How you ghosted every time 

And even though I wish

I had never laid eyes on you 

I wish more 

That you could have loved me 

I don’t understand 

I cannot understand 

That you didn’t 

How could you have loved me

The way you did so fully

But not loved me?


Empty Love

I will try
Try and forget
All the words
Said to hurt
Said to pain
Said to scar
I will try
Try and forget
Your eyes
Your arms
Your kiss
I will try
Try and forget
Times we shared
Times we spoke
Times together
When all it was
Was an emptiness
A meaningless –
An empty love