Not My Will

I started the day with a positive attitude. 

And then the day happened. 

Just one single interaction with someone and all my low self-esteem came gushing forth, insecurities and failures and non-growth, comparing myself to others and it is all getting old and I am not worthy and blah blah blah. 

I will have faith.

I will trust.

I will pray for God’s power.

I will be willing.

Not my will, dear Lord, but thine be done.

10 thoughts on “Not My Will

  1. “Thy will be done” is one of the most powerful statements in one of the most ancient prayers on this planet. I know what you are talking about here, why is so easy to fall into self doubt, self flagellation, I just don’t know.

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      1. When I think back on my fragile moments …. what strengthened me was when it all broke down and I could simply readjust all the parts in order to make them fit my new me…


  2. Our paths are all different. You can’t ask a fish to climb a tree, but have you seen a butterfly swim? We are all unique and all have worth and purpose. Put yourself in a bubble and let the negatives bounce off.

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