Melody Of Love

I close my eyes as I start to type
Allow the feelings that would surround
Feel the words escape my soul
Like water flows from an open tap
Words start to trickle from my mind
Slow at first, what story do I have?
Until I tap into that place
Where words would be, and thoughts and heart
The essence of my very soul
I hear the rhythm, feel the rhyme
It is a song surrounding one
I want the music to carry on
Sound surround and deafen airs
For I am safe when I reach that source
Of peace and love and harmony
Around, outside, only fear and strife
Pain and sorrow, fear and loss
But in that secret place
When I do connect, sweet melody
There is love, the only love
There could be for me

4 thoughts on “Melody Of Love

  1. Yes, I understand, I also feel much safer and at home when I am in the process of writing, tapping into that reservoir of stories and poems, and memories within. I would think its the same for most writers, so keep it up, and I’ll be back to read some more.

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    1. Thank you, I started writing as a means of therapy. I sometimes feel things so deeply (as most of us I’m sure do), and had no release so always struggling with depression and low mood and highs and lows, have been writing every day since mid-September, and it seems to be strengthening me every day. For when I am feeling low and struggling to cope, I know I can write about it as much as I can about the good times, externalising the darkness and not allowing it to fester and build up. Thank you for caring, the support amongst the community is wonderful and has helped to build my self esteem as well which has been low for many years.

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