Waves of emotion carry me along
The journey of every day, as I awake
Each morning with the realization that
A new day has dawned, and an uncertain
Future is held out to me, anxiety gives way
To fear and inability to see my way through the fog
And after the day is passed and a new morning has dawned
I feel relief when I discover that the
Clouds have given way to clear skies and harmony

Melody Of Love

I close my eyes as I start to type
Allow the feelings that would surround
Feel the words escape my soul
Like water flows from an open tap
Words start to trickle from my mind
Slow at first, what story do I have?
Until I tap into that place
Where words would be, and thoughts and heart
The essence of my very soul
I hear the rhythm, feel the rhyme
It is a song surrounding one
I want the music to carry on
Sound surround and deafen airs
For I am safe when I reach that source
Of peace and love and harmony
Around, outside, only fear and strife
Pain and sorrow, fear and loss
But in that secret place
When I do connect, sweet melody
There is love, the only love
There could be for me