In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Kick the Bucket.”

I never want to have my heart broken
I never want to feel the pain of losing a child
I never want to lose friendships with those
I have connected with
I never want to feel the turmoil of
Losing a job without another in place
I never want to grow old but know I must
I never want to have dark days like I’ve had before, and fear may resurface again
I never want you to turn your face from me
I never want to lose my faith, my hope, my trust
But if I lose any of these things
Lift me up and carry me
Because I never want to lose the heart of me

10 thoughts on “Never

  1. This is a very touching poem. No one wants to experience the dark days, the valley of the shadow of death. Sadly, we all have to go through pain and have our fair share of the darkness and heartache. It is at these times that we want to have someone that will be with us through it, someone that will make the pain bearable, someone that will help us to heal, and fast. Going through the dark valley is hellish… but we are never really alone, if only we reach out. help is always a prayer away

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  2. by far your best posting since I’ve been following these prompts. The honesty with which you both tacitly infer and openly admit that you have suffered a lot, and know how you have managed to cope through all your fears and problems, is both touching and very well phrased. A very good example of poetry which at no point pretends to be verse. thanks.

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    1. Thank you, I really appreciate your comments. Am unable to take much credit for my writing, I wrote this while falling asleep, had to re-read it in the morning, the words just flow from my fingers, I find if I try to overthink it too much, there is no power. I have no filter when I write, and I’m learning that it is not always a good thing, filters are sometimes useful for diplomacy and tact.


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