Look to the Future

Relax, my child
I know you are having breakdowns
Nerve issues, and anxiety too

But all will be well
Son and daughter will be blessed
Countries will be exchanged

Smart phones will be invented
You will find out soon
What they might be

You will learn to write
Practice some Pilates
Get that body into shape!

New friends will arrive
New people, new lives
New stories to be shared

There will be sad times
There will be happy times
There will be farewells

Sorrow and joy interweaving
Working together for good

You will never be without
Every day you are alive
There will be blessing surrounds

And to help you out
There will be coffee
And to spare

And at night, there will be tea
In mugs reminding you of home
Lovingly painted in Africa by hand

(Zimbabwe actually to be exact
Long story, don’t ask)



16 thoughts on “Look to the Future

    1. Thank you! Haiku my favorite 🙂 I have two similar mugs, the other has a zebra and is my preferred, I lost it for a couple of hours this evening, big panic, then found it beside my daughter’s bed (left overs from bedtime stories), so now we can relax again – back to writing. And no more scope creep otherwise I ain’t never gonna have a book! Thank you for your awesome writing! 🙂

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      1. Yes, relief to find it, never realised how much a mug means to me. I’m designing my own pages now, the book is looking really awesome. I recruited a designer friend, was meant to prepare all the pages today to send to her, but then decided to design it myself, I’m two thirds done and the book looks really amazing (even if I do say so myself!) It’s nearly 2am, such a hassle to have to stop, but I guess I should call it a night. Tomorrow we will have a book! And there I thought December will be too soon! 🙂


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