The Black Dog

The sun is rising

And yet it’s dark

The birds are singing

And still it’s stark

The sky is grey

When it should be blue

l feel I should be happy

But no, I’m like old glue

Yet life should be joyful

I gave so much

Yet the vacuum is imposing

I am my own crutch

The black dog is relentless

So insistent to be pattered

Another day has gone

It’s like it never mattered

(Anonymous Poet)

11 thoughts on “The Black Dog

      1. Hehe. I’m Canadian. We celebrate in early October for a slightly different reason that the US initially did. But, we do have their Black Friday here.

        Do you celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia, now are earlier?

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      2. Perhaps Australia Day on January 26th, it’s normally a celebration day but because it is in the middle of summer, we would normally have a bbq or any summertime food 🙂 fun in the sun!

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      3. Yes, I imagine that day is very fun. My brother has been to Adelaide, Canberra, Sidney, etc… a couple of long visits, and that was always one of his favorite times to visit during your Australia Day. We have Canada Day on July 1st. I think that’s similar. That’s usually hot weather too, & lots of fun activities & parties. 4 days b4 the Americans have July 4th. Justin (my brother) said he enjoyed your Australia Day though the most. Well, enjoy your weekend Vonita. Good to chat a bit. I hope things are wonderful for you these days.


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