The Black Dog

The sun is rising

And yet it’s dark

The birds are singing

And still it’s stark

The sky is grey

When it should be blue

l feel I should be happy

But no, I’m like old glue

Yet life should be joyful

I gave so much

Yet the vacuum is imposing

I am my own crutch

The black dog is relentless

So insistent to be pattered

Another day has gone

It’s like it never mattered

(Anonymous Poet)

A Poem

A dark, heavy blanket lies over my being
I don’t want to eat, or drink, or laugh, or sleep
I don’t want to dream for I know
The morning will rise and I will be burdened with
A shadow
Following me
I pray that the night will not end
I pray
That my dreams will grant me peace
For the torment of the day coupled with the torment of the night is too much for my soul to bear
I remember my past
And dark days
Interspersed with nights so cruel
I try to escape the waves threatening to break over me
But crippled with fear
I cannot move