I Will Not Cry

Armed with a naked courage and a certain level of tenacity that has weathered me well, I step forth into this day. Fearing what will be and fearing what will not, I pull my shoulders back and flick my hair off my face so it falls effortlessly around my neck. Soft scents of my perfume waft across my face and in that moment I absolutely resolve. will not cry. If my world crumbles around my feet, I will position myself on top the heap and honor all that was and all that will still be.

And I will not cry.

9 thoughts on “I Will Not Cry

  1. I agree with the phrase – and speak with some experience – if your world crumbles at your feet, I will stand upon the heap and honor all that was and all that will be. Those are more than powerful words. They are the way of the strong.


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