Stepping Stone

A stone emerged from the water

Smooth as silk and brown as the bark of a weathered oak tree

Water rushed by hurriedly to its destination wherever that might be

Tentatively I stepped forward

One little step

And there I was

Right in the midst of the gushing stream

The earth stood its ground behind me

The other side was too far

But right in front of me, another stone emerged

Calm and smooth and offering somewhere to stand

My own stepping


I Need To Think

A gigantic wall is in front of me. Blocking my way. I need to get to the other side. I need to get to paradise.

I look behind and the earth has fallen away.

I look to the left, and as my heart sinks, I fear my right, knowing what to expect.

The sun beats me, as it gets hold of my skin. The crystal blue sky is beautiful and merciless with the absence of any cloud.

There is no shade.

Paradise is just past the wall. That gigantic barrier blocking my way.

And so I wonder. I question.

How do I get over it. I have no ladder. I cannot climb. My hands are small and I am not strong.

How do I get over it. While my skin burns and my heart races, I sit myself down.

I need to think.


I believe in myself

My talents and my will

I believe in myself

My craft and my skill

I believe in my mind

My heart and my soul

I believe in myself

I can and I will

I won’t let me down

Through the night

Or the dawn

I will draw strength

From the deep endless well

Of courage and my grit

To live the best life

I was born to fulfill.

I Took A Risk

I took a risk and changed my world. I took a risk and stepped outside. I took a risk and all along, it seemed to be my honest prayer. The skies had cleared, the clouds were gone, for one brief time my heart felt strong. But just as soon as all was said, the clouds built up, so grey and dark. They threatened storms, they hung down low, I closed my eyes to make it go. The thunder stormed, the hailstones fell, all peace was gone, replaced by hell. But life is strange, we need the rain, if only to see for once the glorious bow. I took a risk and now it’s done. The door is closed, I must move on. There will be another, a door for me. There will be another, a golden key. So now dear friends, I lay my head, I will sleep for now, to gather strength. For strength I need to see ahead. I need all strength. I must be strong.

I Will Not Cry

Armed with a naked courage and a certain level of tenacity that has weathered me well, I step forth into this day. Fearing what will be and fearing what will not, I pull my shoulders back and flick my hair off my face so it falls effortlessly around my neck. Soft scents of my perfume waft across my face and in that moment I absolutely resolve. will not cry. If my world crumbles around my feet, I will position myself on top the heap and honor all that was and all that will still be.

And I will not cry.