Strands of Dust

The sweetest

Cruel addiction broke me apart 

Leaving me with the lingering taste

Of a forbidden kiss

Craving more I turned on you 

Turned on everything we had before 

And now I’m broken

Torn in two

There’s nothing left for me to do

But tie my hands 

And seal my mouth

Slice my fingers 

And still my tongue 

I ache 

I crave 

I desire 

I lust 

And at the end 

There’s nothing left 

There’s nothing left 

But grainy sand 

A shattered rock 

And strands of


3 thoughts on “Strands of Dust

  1. Again such powerful emotions and words in this poem. I love the picture you chose for the poem, they go together well. He heart th speaker very much but I can tell she is angry despite feeling broken. Anger isn’t bad I hint it’s justified. She can be angry so she can realize her own strength. That she can overcome even him who she loved and betrayed her.

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