Bitter Pill

Tis a bitter pill
When mind overrules heart
And desires are denied

Tis a bitter pill
When two are at odds
And only one can decide

Tis a bitter pill
That my disappointment
Would be your delight

Tis a bitter pill
That at the start of every night
You are not here by my side

27 thoughts on “Bitter Pill

      1. I can tell, but if you leave your husband and come with me then your world will turn upside down you will be so confused and at the same time so amused that the demanding thing will slowly go away

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      2. Until it returns again and then you might want to return me back to my husband. Who might at that time be enjoying his freedom lol, and not want me back 😀


      1. o.k, I´ll check it latter after I finish Reading all these blogs, by the way you do have quite of lot of news to share I know that so don´t cop out on me…. and also, man, I can share some quite news with you about my crazy life. Hope you don´t faint

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