Yay for Technology!

There is something about languages that fascinate me. How the mother tongue is easily learnt, and is a useful and essential tool to communicate. And how a foreign language is completely mystifying to an untrained ear.

I often visit other blogs, and sometimes dismayed if they are written in a different language. But not anymore! Because there is a handy ‘translate’ button, that translates the page at the click of a button. Now I can read all that foreign poetry that before was hidden from me. It is amazing! Like the light has suddenly been switched on, illuminating all that was dark before.

I am not always waxing lyrical about technology, but this sure is a nifty feature, up there with google maps!


4 thoughts on “Yay for Technology!

  1. Language is a power and one must use it at best. I think learning new language is like adding a weapon in your armory. This tool is good yet we should try to learn new languages as well. 🙂

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  2. Indeed! language barrier is no more of as big a problem as it used to be! though i agree with singhalakansha who wrote the comment above, learning a new language is pretty useful 👌 👌 👌
    I’m currently learning Russian and it’s been pretty fun!

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