Six Months 

It took me six months to overcome my ‘sugar-in-tea’ addiction. I had tried before, but I hated the taste of unsweetened tea. Several attempts of cutting the sugar failed. Until one day I went cold turkey. I just decided. I’m doing it. Quitting the sugar. I craved it. I pleaded with myself. Please can I have sugar in my tea? Please?? No. I really want sugar. No.

After six months, unsweetened tea and coffee tasted normal. That was sixteen years ago. Now I cannot drink sweetened tea or coffee. It makes me want to gag.

In December I went cold turkey. I will overcome my latest addiction. I have cried and whined and hated myself and been through the rough. I figure I have another three months to go. I feel stronger than I did in January. Mid-February. I am still not there yet. But stronger. The energies will change. Worlds will shift. 

I did such a great job of cutting ties that the choice is no longer mine. There is nothing I can run back to. Even if I beg and plead and stand on my head.

Acceptance is the big new word. 

Three more months.

24 thoughts on “Six Months 

  1. I drink unsweetened tea, but I still take sugar in my coffee — but not cream anymore. So baby steps? Stay strong, if it’s worth it, you can do it. 🙂

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    1. It is a negative cycle I am trying to break, not so much worth it, as trying to get my sanity back, it is hard, but every day I am getting stronger. I have an addictive personality it seems. Thank you for your encouragement ❤


  2. Personally, i think that once you decided to get rid of something (say a habit, an addiction, or special someone), it is always best to quit COLD TURKEY. I think withdrawal is just psychological and can be overcome. Because when you try quitting on something GRADUALLY, it’ll just prolong your agony, right?

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      1. Withdrawal is bad, but relapsing is worse! You can do it! Humans are adaptable creatures. If the physical habit is gone, only the psychological craving remains. You’re just struggling with your brain. A few more push! You’re taste buds are already used to it!

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  3. Oh wow I know this feeling. Still after years I get that little tiny feeling but I never follow it anymore. So thankful for that. I love reading about your progress. I had a few minutes today so I wanted to visit your blog! Sending my love and encouragement to keep going. Happy for you! ❤

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  4. I am very proud of how you compared this to your sugar addiction. I also value you so much that I hope it will get easier to move forward. I liked the sense of humor in “even if I beg and plead and stand on my head.” You won’t, I believe in your confidence and inner strength, Vonita! xo

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    1. I’ve already begged and pleaded and acted as a whack-a-mole i.e. reappear just to get knocked back down, a week ago I played my last card – said all I needed to say and even for me, it is enough. Time to move on. No more whack-a -mole.


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