Grotesquely Excited!

Today I connected on social media with an old colleague from early in my career. We haven’t spoken since early 2000. I was single in those days, and living in Johannesburg. He has wondered how life has treated me through the years. This is someone I worked closely with every day for two years, and traveled to the U.K. together with on training. Somewhat like a work husband πŸ˜‚

I spoke about my four day job (yay!), and how it was fate that I got my current role. The company started off as a South African company, and is now a top global IT company. I worked for them in South Africa as well.

I was thinking on this positive conversation when I arrived home. That’s strange, I thought, walking into the kitchen, and finding post with my name on it. Who could that be from?

Our NSW branch manager, that’s who! Grotesquely excited to congratulate me on my work anniversary. Woo hooo!!!

How awesome is that? No, really!

15 thoughts on “Grotesquely Excited!

  1. These are two very significant occurrences which really would make my day (or week or month! πŸ™‚ ) You go, Vonita! I am happy you have some elements in the universe saying out loud: “Vonita, you’re going to be all right.” xo

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