4 thoughts on “Power through Prayer

  1. I am agnostic V, I have to admit. But I also have to admit that I pray. Who I pray to, I don’t know. But I feel strong when I pray and that strength drives me at my worst. You are right, prayers are indeed a bug strength. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, my blog is not a religious blog so try and keep any ‘faith’ posts as general as I can. Sometimes I just feel the need to share. I’m glad you agree with the strength that we can get xx


  2. I could not live without loving god and having my love reciprocated, As Aishwarya says we are all agnostics and she is quite right We can believe in god but we cannot know he exists nor that he does not exist, if we could prove he existed we would not need faith.

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